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Blog Posts in 2015

  • How Do I Choose the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer?

    The defense attorney you choose after an arrest is a major decision that could have a huge impact on your life. This should be obvious! Your future is at stake, your reputation is at stake, and your freedom is at stake. The right lawyer could be all the difference in the outcome of your case. It is absolutely crucial that you call a qualified attorney. Can’t I Go with the Public Defender Assigned ...
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  • Avoiding DUI on Thanksgiving

    The deadliest weekend of the year in the United States is not New Year’s, Independence Day, or any other holiday known for wild partying and excessive drinking. The deadliest holiday of the year is actually Thanksgiving. According to statistics, over 500 people will lose their lives while driving this Thanksgiving weekend. The high crash statistics for Thanksgiving are the result of a few factors: ...
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  • I've Been Arrested in Florida. Now What?

    It could happen to anyone. You may be driving in your car after having a few drinks or unaware of the matter officers are accusing you of. No matter the reason, if you have been arrested in Fort Lauderdale or the surrounding areas, it is important that you act fast to protect your rights. You can expect to go through various criminal processes, from arraignment to trial. The sooner you get ...
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  • Proposed Laws to Expand the Usage of Medical Marijuana in Florida

    Marijuana. It is a hot topic in the U.S. right now. With states like Colorado, Washington, and California continually creating new laws to allow for more liberties with this drug, it seems inevitable that other states will start to follow suit. While marijuana is still illegal federally, many state laws have been adapted to make certain uses legal. Currently, marijuana is still illegal in Florida ...
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  • Can I Be Convicted of DUI If I Refuse a Breath Test?

    To blow or not to blow? This seems to be the question on everyone’s mind after being arrested for DUI. While some people choose not to take a breathalyzer test in the hope that a lack of chemical evidence will bode well for them at trial, it is important to understand that this does not guarantee a not guilty verdict. Many times, the prosecutor will use your refusal to cooperate as evidence in ...
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  • Can the Police Search My Cell Phone Without a Warrant?

    In today’s day and age, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding police encounters. While most people are aware of their constitutional rights, many are unsure about just how inclusive these rights really are. For example, have you ever wondered whether or not the police can look at your cell phone once you have been arrested? After all, they’re allowed to search you, your pockets and all areas ...
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  • Rudenberg & Glasser, P.A. Represents Victim of BSO Deputy Misconduct

    Last year, two deputies with the Broward Sheriff’s Office were caught assaulting a robbery suspect at a Deerfield Beach gas station. The entire altercation was caught on camera. Surveillance footage shows one officer punching the suspect, David Gonzalez, in the face and then slamming him into the ground with help from his partner. One of the deputies claimed that Gonzalez resisted arrest, while ...
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  • Don't Put Your Future in the Hands of a Public Defender

    If you or someone you love has been arrested for a crime in Florida, it is highly recommended that you consider the option of hiring private legal counsel – no matter how "minor" the crime may seem. While you may be entitled to seek representation from a court-appointed public defender, it is important to remember that your future rests in their hands. Hiring an experienced criminal attorney could ...
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  • Who Is Eligible for Expungement in Florida?

    You may not realize it, but even if your case was dropped or dismissed before going to trial, you still have a criminal record. Your record is created the moment you are formally arrested, which means that your criminal history would be available to the public even if you were never convicted. Not only can law enforcement access these records, but future employers could also stumble across this ...
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