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How Do I Choose the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer?

The defense attorney you choose after an arrest is a major decision that could have a huge impact on your life. This should be obvious! Your future is at stake, your reputation is at stake, and your freedom is at stake. The right lawyer could be all the difference in the outcome of your case. It is absolutely crucial that you call a qualified attorney.

Can’t I Go with the Public Defender Assigned to My Case?

Of course, you can put your case into the public defender’s hands. This is your right. But this is not recommended. The law allows individuals charged with crimes to be represented by an attorney. There is a public defender system in place because everyone is entitled to the right to legal defense. For this reason, the public defender system ensures that every individual of every background and financial situation has access to defense.

The public defender system is an important system and it serves a crucial role in protecting democracy and fairness in our criminal justice system. However, many public defenders are swamped with cases. They may also not be experienced in handling the type of case you are facing, or representing individuals facing the charges that are against you. Or maybe, quite simply, you do not get along with the public defender assigned to your case.

The main reason that it is a good idea to hire a private criminal defense lawyer to represent you is because it allows you to take control and ownership of your case. You choose a lawyer who believes in you and in your case. You choose a lawyer who you believe can represent you faithfully and fairly. And you choose a lawyer who has experience in representing individuals charged with the crimes you have been accused of committing, whether it be assault or DUI. When you choose an attorney you have confidence in, the result is your positivity and peace of mind—and the assurance of a mutual commitment to a positive outcome for your case.

How Do I Know Which Lawyer Is the Right Lawyer?

So let’s say you have made the decision to hire a private criminal defense attorney. Now what? How do you find the right firm? How do you choose the right attorney? Every individual is different, but there are some key points you should look for when picking an attorney to represent you in criminal court.

Choose a firm with:

  • Experience – You want a lawyer on your side who has handled cases like yours before—and handled them successfully.
  • Winning record – Choosing a firm with a winning record gives you confidence in their ability to fight for you aggressively and effectively.
  • Positive reputation – Select a firm with a reputation for integrity and honesty. You want an attorney who treats clients with dignity. Find a firm with glowing testimonials and a great standing in your community.
  • Aggressive advocacy – Choose a firm that is not afraid to fight hard and who is willing to go the extra mile to win. You need to make sure that the team representing you has what it takes to fight for the results you deserve.

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