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Common Mistakes That Occur During a DUI Arrest

Everyone makes mistakes, even police officers. Police officers commonly make mistakes during DUI testing. If you have been charged with a DUI offense, your situation may seem hopeless, but you could have a way out. DUI stops have to follow strict protocol or the prosecution's case is weakened. Since officers often make mistakes during DUI tests, it is vital to contact an experienced DUI attorney who can identify any errors made during your DUI stop. The Fort Lauderdale DUI attorneys at Rudenberg & Glasser have handled thousands of DUI cases, and we can fight to get your charges dismissed or reduced.

Common Mistakes Made During DUI Testing

One of the most common mistakes law enforcement makes during DUI stops is false breathalyzer results. False results occur because various factors can contribute to a high BAC reading aside from consuming alcohol. If you believe that your BAC results were incorrect, an experienced Fort Lauderdale DUI defense lawyer can help you determine if officers made any mistakes during your DUI arrest.

Things that can contribute to a false BAC reading include:

  • If you burped during the test
  • If you had been chewing tobacco or mint
  • If you have diabetes or GERD
  • If a police officer didn’t take the breath test within two hours of driving
  • If the police officer retested and the results were off by 20 percent
  • If the police officer was not certified to test you
  • If the breathalyzer had not been calibrated correctly
  • If the mouthpiece had not been changed before the test

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If you believe there was a mistake with your DUI arrest, it is essential to contact an experienced Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney as soon as possible. A driver only has 10 days after a DUI arrest to apply for a DMV administrative hearing. An administrative hearing is a license suspension proceeding that gives you the opportunity to defend your case. The legal team at Rudenberg & Glasser can investigate your case to determine if there were any mistakes made during your arrest. We have handled thousands of DUI cases, which equips us to help you obtain the best possible results for your case.

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