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Does Verbal Abuse Fall Under Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is often linked to physical abuse and violent behavior; however, domestic violence can also be emotional abuse. In fact, domestic violence includes a broad range of abuse such as physical, sexual, psychological, and verbal. Verbal domestic abuse is one of the most complex and least understood crimes. It is also one of the most falsely reported abuses because there is very little evidence to prove that it happened.

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What Is Emotional & Verbal Abuse?

Domestic violence doesn’t look the same for every relationship because every relationship is different. However, there is a common set of behaviors that abusers employ to control their victims. In many cases, an emotional abuser may never be physically violent but still employs classic methods of manipulation to harm their partners.

Some of the most common types of emotional and verbal abuse include when a partner:

  • Is overly possessive and jealous
  • Tries to isolate the other from their family and friends
  • Traps the other in a home or prevents them from leaving
  • Uses weapons as a threat
  • Threatens to hurt the other partner, children, or pets
  • Attempts to control the other’s appearance
  • Uses insults and names to criticize the other

What to Do When You Are Falsely Accused of Abuse

If you were falsely charged with domestic violence for verbal abuse, you may think that the justice system will find you innocent. That's not always the case. Many of these cases can be extremely complex, making your charges hard to defend against. This is why it is vital to contact a Fort Lauderdale domestic violence lawyer who can defend your rights. Prosecutors routinely seek conviction or guilty pleas, even when an alleged victim signs a waiver of prosecution and wants to drop the case. The sooner you get an attorney on your side, the sooner we can begin to defend your rights and freedoms.

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