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Dealing with law enforcement can be a stressful experience, even when there may be nothing to fear. Even the most mellow mannered police officers carry behind them the full weight of legal authority, so facing them in any situation where you are accused of wrongdoing is intimidating. Unfortunately, some officers are not always gentle or agreeable, sometimes subjecting civilians to police brutality.

While we recognizes that most officers seek to uphold the law fairly, some officers wield their authority like a blunt instrument, bullying or abusing the people under their care. Legally speaking, officers are obligated to take care of the people they arrest—at no point is an officer authorized to verbally abuse, physically or psychologically intimidate, or otherwise mistreat civilians. No matter what you were accused of doing or arrested for, you have the right to reasonable treatment without fear of brutality. Police are trained to handle civilians with minimal, non-life-threatening levels of discomfort, so they must be held accountable when civilians are unjustly handled.

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What Is Police Brutality?

Police brutality is the excessive and/or unnecessary force used by a law enforcement officer when dealing with a civilian. Excessive force is defined as the utilization of force that goes beyond what is typically necessary to handle an arrest or other situation. Police brutality is a civil rights violation.

This is because when police brutality occurs, an individual's rights have been violated—it is a direct violation of the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments.

Police brutality can come in many forms, including:

  • Physical abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • False arrest
  • Psychological intimidation
  • Sexual abuse
  • Police corruption
  • Racial profiling
  • Taser misuse
  • Pepper spray misuse

If you feel that you have been the victim of police brutality, your first step is to document everything. Photograph any bruises or wounds, obtain records of any medical treatment, and get the names and contact information for any witnesses. Evidence of brutality is often hard to find shortly after the incident—gathering evidence quickly ensures a stronger case. The next step is to contact a Ft. Lauderdale criminal defense attorney.

Rudenberg and Glasser P.A. can provide the precise, aggressive representation you will need. Proving a case of police brutality will mean proving that the force applied to you was excessive or unnecessary—something that cannot be proven without knowledgeable legal guidance. Holding officers accountable is complex and difficult, but our law firm has years of trial experience that enables us to build strong cases for clients.

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