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Hurt on Someone Else’s Property?

Every property owner needs to provide a reasonably safe space for guests, visitors, customers, tenants, and so forth. Failing to provide that safe space can make the property owner liable for any damages following an accident on their premises.

Were you hurt on someone else’s property in Fort Lauderdale? Call our premises liability lawyers from Rudenberg and Glasser, P.A. to discover your rights to compensation. We are a local law firm who knows our community, local courts, other legal professionals, and more. Make our experience and insight your advantages in your premises liability claim by hiring our legal team today.

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Different Types of Premises Liability Claims

In our history as highly experienced attorneys, we have seen all sorts of premises liability claims. No matter the details surrounding your own accident, you can be sure we have seen a similar case in the past. Of course, we do not provide cookie-cutter legal solutions to any of our clients. Everyone who comes to our law firm is seen as the unique individual they are, and so we handle their claims as such, too.

Premises liability claims can be filed for these reasons and more:

  • Slip and fall: Easily the most common type of premises liability claim is the slip or trip and fall accident case. Each year, thousands of Americans slip while visiting someone else’s property and suffer serious injuries as a result. Hazards that can cause a slip and fall accident vary widely, such as a spilled liquid on tile, loose carpeting, stray cables, poor lighting, gravel or ice on a sidewalk, and missing handrails along steps.
  • Inadequate security: Property owners must also reasonably protect people on their premises from criminal acts like assault or robbery carried out by nefarious individuals. The more likely a crime is to take place in a certain area or property, the more security needs to be provided to deter it. For example, apartment complexes in neighborhoods with high crime rates should contract security personnel to observe the premises, especially during the night.
  • Dog bite: If you are bitten by an angry dog while visiting a friend’s house, then your dog bite claim might technically be a premises liability case, too. In Florida, trespassers do not have the right to file a dog bite claim, though. You must have been a welcome or expected guest at the time of the animal attack to sue for compensation.

What is an Unreasonable Hazard?

A cornerstone of any premises liability claim is the unacceptability of the hazard that caused the accident. The more unreasonable a hazard was before it caused an accident or injury, the more liability that can be placed on the property owner. What exactly is an unreasonable hazard, though? The definition can vary depending on a court’s discretion, but it is generally expected that a property owner or controller who acts reasonably should be aware of a hazard within an acceptable amount of time and make corrections to fix it and keep visitors away from it.

Consider these quick examples to get a clearer understanding of a property owner’s responsibility to safeguard visitors:

  • Example 1: You are in line at a grocery store to make a purchase. The customer in front of you drops their orange juice on the tile floor in front of you, making a spill, but neither of you notices. A minute later, the line shifts forward, you slip on the juice, and suffer an injury. In this case, the grocery store could have little to no liability for your accident since there was hardly any time for anyone working there to notice the spill and clean it up.
  • Example 2: You are shopping in a grocery store and hear a paged announcement that there is a spill in the juice aisle. Across the next ten minutes, you hear the announcement several more times but think nothing of it. When looking at your grocery list, you round a corner, slip on a spill in the juice aisle, and suffer an injury. There are no warning cones around the spill that would have made it easier to spot it. In this situation, the grocery store would likely be liable for your injuries because the staff knew about the spill for a while and did nothing to clean it up despite knowing it could be a danger to customers.

Leave the Busywork Up to Our Lawyers

Do you have a premises liability claim to file for an accident in Fort Lauderdale? Rather than stressing yourself out with the many details of your claim, count on our attorneys to do that for you. We are always happy to do the legwork and casework for a client while they take the time to try to rest and recuperate. You can trust us to handle your case as if we were representing a family member or close friend because we see you like one!

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