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You have the right to assume you are safe from negligent motorists whenever you walk the streets of Fort Lauderdale or anywhere else in Florida. If you were walking down the street, through a parking lot, or crossing a road when you were hit by a reckless driver, then you should take immediate legal action to hold them accountable for their wrongdoing. With a successful injury claim, you can secure both a sense of justice and much-needed financial compensation.

Rudenberg and Glasser, P.A. would like to hear from you if you are in need of tenacious legal representation. Our Ft. Lauderdale pedestrian accident attorneys are standing by to assist with your claim. We are respected by our legal peers and feared by insurance companies due to our extensive history of successful case results and our “never back down” spirit. Put that caliber of representation in your corner today.

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Severe Injuries Suffered in Pedestrian Accidents

As a pedestrian, you are vulnerable to harm caused by negligent motorists. Unlike them, you do not have a metal frame with security features around you. At even low speeds, a pedestrian can suffer catastrophic injuries when struck by a car.

It is not uncommon for pedestrian accident claims to involve these serious injuries:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injury and paralysis
  • Permanent disfiguration and scarring
  • Amputation

A pedestrian may even lose their life if they are struck by a negligent or reckless driver. In such an unfortunate situation, the pedestrian’s surviving family members retain the right to seek compensation in their name through a wrongful death claim.

Damages Available to an Injured Pedestrian

What damages can you demand if you are in a pedestrian accident? Depending on what happened and why, the defendant can be held liable for all of your experienced damages, which include both economic and noneconomic damages.

What are economic and noneconomic damages?

  • Economic: Any damages you experience in a pedestrian accident that can be included on a bill or receipt are economic damages. Medical bills and lost wages are the two most common and significant types of economic damages.
  • Noneconomic: Any damages that cannot be easily included on a bill or receipt are noneconomic damages. Pain, suffering, and emotional trauma are three common examples of noneconomic damages.

For many pedestrians who are hit by reckless drivers, the economic damages they experience can range well into the tens of thousands of dollars. If they need advanced, lifelong care like frequent physical therapy, then the economic damages will only escalate further.

The lasting emotional anguish suffered in a pedestrian accident can also make for steep noneconomic damages. Most people who are hurt in a pedestrian accident understandably become afraid to walk alongside the road and may even flinch when a vehicle passes them, especially if that vehicle is a similar make and model to the one involved in their accident. This post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) caused by the accident can last for years, and it must be included in noneconomic damages.

You Deserve Nothing But the Best

Our pedestrian accident attorneys in Fort Lauderdale genuinely believe that all of our clients deserve the best things in life. To play our part in making that happen, we offer top-quality legal representation to people in need, and we take every case we accept to heart as if we were representing ourselves. With a personal connection to your pedestrian accident claim, we will be further motivated to succeed on your behalf, collecting as much compensation as you need and deserve.

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