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Were you bitten by an unruly or aggressive dog in Fort Lauderdale? You may have the right to seek compensation from the dog’s owner for any damages you suffered as a result.

Rudenberg and Glasser, P.A. and our dog bite attorneys are here to help you discover and use your legal options. We can fight for all types of damages, including medical costs and noneconomic damages related to your emotional distress. You deserve every last penny, and we intend to secure it.

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Florida’s Strict Liability Dog Bite Law

In Florida, the strict liability dog bite law allows a dog bite victim to seek compensation from the dog’s owner, even if there was no reason to suspect the dog would attack. That is to say, you could be bitten by a friendly, well-behaved dog who you have known for years and you could still file a claim against the dog’s owner in most cases.

Some other states have a “one bite” liability law that excuses a dog owner the first time their dog bites someone if the dog had always behaved prior to the attack. Florida is no such state, so you should not hesitate to seek compensation when you need it.

Trespassers Cannot File Dog Bite Claims

There is a significant caveat to Florida’s strict liability dog bite law: it omits trespassers. You need to have been in a public place or lawfully invited onto a private location when you were attacked for your claim to be valid. If it can be proven that you were trespassing when bitten by the dog, then your claim would likely be dismissed by the court.

Other Notes About Dog Bite Laws

You should know that Florida’s dog bite law can sometimes be applied to any sort of harm caused by a dog, either intentionally or accidentally. If another person’s dog caused you to suffer an injury and you were not trespassing at the time, then you likely have a valid injury claim to file.

Two examples of how a dog might inadvertently hurt you:

  • Pushes you down while excitedly jumping up to see you
  • Bumps into your legs while running and playing, causing you to fall

You should also not feel discouraged to file a dog bite claim against a dog owner if they say that they do not have enough finances to pay for your damages. Many homeowners’ insurance claims actually include coverage for dog bites that hurt welcome visitors. Under such a policy, you could stand to collect a fair amount of compensation for your injuries, even if your medical bills for the dog bite range well into the thousands.

Have More Questions About Dog Bite Laws?

Please contact our Fort Lauderdale dog bite lawyers if you have any further questions about your rights as a dog bite victim in Florida. We take pride in being able to clearly explain liability law to our clients and get to the bottom of their claims without complication. We even offer free consultations to inquiring clients, so you can learn more about your dog bite claim without having to reach for your pocketbook first.

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